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What's your advantages?
The startup studio model allows potential investors to expect more predictable and controlled results, as opposed to interaction with individual independent projects and their founders
Less risk, more efficiency
Your opportunities
Working with a startup Studio, you reduce your own risks and increase the return on your investment due to the transparency of all processes at all stages of the company's operation, as well as professional management and the ability to strengthen the competencies of startup teams with the help of attracted experts.
Your investments
With startup-studio you have the ability to invest in individual projects as well as the overall portfolio of companies through investments in a startup Studio, the ability to track the company's growth to participate in the next rounds.
Enter the capital at the early stages, we will take care of a good exit by arranging in advance for late-round investors who monitor the growth of our portfolio companies.
Startup sourcing and creating new companies for your specific request with the involvement of leading industry experts, individual acceleration, support, and professional management of your portfolio companies - this is all for increasing your wealth and investment security.
Long term cooperation and investment in the development of the management company gives you access to all the companies created by the Studio and in the long term get a constant stream of deals.
How to become a partner?
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