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innovative projects' search, development and release:
IT, energy, medicine, waste processing, robotics and consumer goods

The purpose of the startup Studio is to create on a regular basis new companies in various fields, including the sphere of Internet services, consumer goods, energy, robotics, medicine, waste management and other relevant for the global market and for a particular region areas.

The startup Studio model allows you to simultaneously work on the creation of several projects through the sharing of resources of the company and external contractors (lawyers, financiers, marketers, programmers, etc.). Specialized specialists are part of the project team and work on it in full or part-time, working in parallel on several projects.

Startup Studio implements ideas proposed by their employees and external entrepreneurs. The role of the project Manager in this model can be performed by a staff member of the Studio, a specialist with experience in launching projects in a particular industry or a third-party entrepreneur who proposed the idea of the project for implementation within the Studio. It is also possible to search for ideas and create projects for specific tasks of the region or the investor.

As part of its activities, the startup Studio carries out a constant search and targeted training of business personnel, enables students of the last courses of universities to practice in real projects and continue to work on their own projects within the Studio.

We have extensive contacts and experience of cooperation with the leaders of leading Russian universities and various student communities and organizations, as well as with young entrepreneurs and business communities developing innovative projects in various fields, which allows the most effective recruitment and search for ideas for the implementation of the tasks of the Studio.

The startup Studio model allows potential investors to expect more predictable and controlled results, as opposed to interaction with individual independent projects and their founders.

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