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innovative projects' search, development and release:
IT, energy, medicine, waste processing, robotics and consumer goods

Aleksey Poryvaev
CEO, expert in strategic development, communications, investment attraction, organization of production and promotion on global markets
Yuliya Dudko
CEO, expert in digital marketing and branding for B2B and B2C, expert in bringing start-up projects to the world market
Vladimir Marinovich
Project adviser, development and team-building expert, ex-CEO Gett, "Ulibka radugi", "Vigoda-ru", founder of Business School UP
Lauri Määttänen
Project adviser in Helsinki, Finland. Expert on landing startup-companies in Helsinki and growing to global market, expert in working with international Fintech-startups
Maxim Zhavoronkov
Project adviser, finance, process and scaling management expert, general manager of Gett Russia, "YarRegionGaz", "SUAL" aluminum holding
Michael Podgaiets
Project adviser and mentor, expert in strategy, acceleration, technology transfer and innovations
Dmitry Rubin
Project adviser, expert in international strategic partnerships, technology transfer and innovation, the founder of AgroDronGroup
Software development expert in agile methodologies, Java, C++, test development and software (SaaS)
Сhief designer of research and development work, expert in management of complex developments, including programming, development of algorithms, design of mechanisms, devices and components, calculations and modeling
Expert in control and image processing algorithms, strapdown inertial systems, development of mechanisms, devices and software: Matlab, JAVA, C++, SolidWorks, Kikad
Expert in programming, Ux/Ui Design, design documentation, development of server applications in the Python programming language.
User interface design
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