mini electro cars sharing system for b2b (delivery) or b2c market with a recharging system for the price of a bicycle's sharing
There are no similar project on the market. Car sharing is expensive. Bicycles or scooters sharing is uncomfortable in winter or bad weather and only for one person. All electro-transportsharing is inconvenient because of the complexity of the charging batteries
TriWheeler is the mini electro cars sharing system for b2b (delivery) or b2c market. It's cheap - 700 km for the price of a cup of coffee. Comfortable - two seats, closed warm capsule.
Convenient - fast batteries change and rechargeable system including winter temperatures.
Private persons
Citizens and city guests
Delivery services
Food, flowers or small package delivery services
Managment companies
Suburban residential' management companies, housing services
Factory managment companies
Factories' service companies with large territories
TriWheeler size
  • 2 seats
  • length - 2.2 meters, width - 1 meters
  • volume - 340 liters
  • advertising space - 2,5 square meters
TriWheeler tech-parameters
  • max speed - 50 km/h
  • engine - 2.2 kVt
  • drive range - 80 km
  • charging time - 6-8 hours
TriWheeler features
  • reinforced frame cabin - capsule
  • contour heater
  • spare battery (lead or li-ion as option)
Project' status
the first test samples are ready
current status
current status
the first test samples are being tested by restaurant group's delivery service