goods for kids
mobile sleeping set six in one (mattress, pillow, blanket, bed linen, sleeping bag, and sleeping toy), which can solve a lot of kid's sleeping issues.
Kids often throw off their blanket during sleep so they freeze, wake up and disturb sleeping parents. Also, kids have sleeping issues in unfamiliar places (in the guests or on trips), and parents do not get enough sleep also.
Sleepik has a contour zipper that does not allow a kid to throw off the blanket during sleep, so kids don't uncover themselves, don't freeze and don't disturb their parents at night. Sleepik is also a mobile sleeping set, so if a kid gets used to sleep in Sleepik at home in familiar surroundings, in the future, he won't have difficulties with sleep in trips - baby will sleep in their favorite and familiar mobile bed.
Mothers (fathers, grandparents) with babies, kids and teens for home usage
Traveling families for using in hotels, campings, trips, in guests and sleeping parties
–°hildren institutions
Kindergartens, long-stay schools, Montessori clubs, camps, children's areas in shopping and entertainment centers
Kids' hospitals and parents with disabled childs
Sleepik set
6 in 1:
mattress + blanket + pillow + bed linen +
sleeping bag + sleeping toy and friend (different animals)
Sleepik size
S - 60*120 sm
M - 70*170 sm
L - 90*200 sm
XL - 90*220 sm
XXL - 90*240 sm
Sleepik features
  • 100% organic cotton
  • contour zipper
  • changeable blanket (summer/winter)
  • changeable sheets (for diapers)
  • removable pillow filler
  • mobility
  • interactivity and education function

Project' status
sleeping sets 6 in 1
In 2015 sales were started. Assortment had 6 models (animals) and 2 sizes. It was a very simple construction. From month to month Sleepik was improved: 5 sizes, 15 animal-models, detachable zipper, cotton pillow, changeable blanket (winter/summer), removable pillow filler, changeable sheets for diapers.
Sleeping nest
soft mobile beds with safe sides
In 2016 was invented sleeping nest. At first, it was a nest only for babies (1 size), but later - for kids, teens and even adults (6 sizes). Sleeping nest is a soft mobile construction that can be used as an independent bed at home or on a trip. Hight sides save kids from removing from the bed and make sleeping more soft and comfortable. Later were created blankets with tails for each animal and special bottom for outdoor sleeping.
licensed sleepiks with Disney characters
In 2017 Disney company contacted us to produce sleepiks with Disney characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Marie cat, and Olaf. Sleepik's manufacture was improved to European standards and had been certified by Disney company.
frameless chairs for kids and adults
In 2018 the range of the company has been expanded by beanbags with favorite zoo-characters. We made 2 sizes: for babies/kids and teens/adults. Over time Beanbags became 3 in 1 stuff: chair for sitting, base for lying and big interactive toy for playing and education.
universal hammocks or swings
In 2019, a new idea appeared - to create a universal hammock that can be used both in the interior, hanging from the ceiling, and in the outdoor in summer hanging on a tree. It is both an interior hammock and a street swing, which can be transformed from a sitting position to a lying position thanks to a special ledge for the legs.
Hammock for babies
From cradle for newborn to swing for kids
In 2019, after creating hammocks for kids and adults, we made hammock for babies, which can transform from cradle for newborn to lying or siting swing when baby gets older (to 2-3 years old).
Travel bag
travel suitcases and backpacks
Travel suitcases and backpaks for kids with our zoo-characters is a future idea to continue the course of mobile stuff for kids which can be used not only at home but also on trips. Because the childhood must be bright - it's a slogan of our company!