rotating element diagnostic system for industrial equipment with rotating elements which allows to reduce production costs by 5-10 times by potential damage diagnostics
Not detected in time potential damage symptoms of small rotating elements lead to breakdowns of expensive equipment, production downtime and huge financial losses to repair and production stops
The diagnostic system for early detection of potential failures of rotating elements for prediction the work duration of the equipment and the service life of the elements before their replacement
Hydroelectric industry
For hydro turbine shaft diagnostic
Metal-working industry
For equipment diagnostic
Oil and mine industry
Oil and mine production companies
Transport industry
Manufacturing, exploitation, maintaining and repairing aircraft, train and cars companies
R.E.D.S. tech-parameters
  1. sensors are installed on the shaft of the rotating element
  2. angular accelerations are measured
  3. based on the collected data increases the predictability of the equipment
R.E.D.S. features
reduction of production costs by 5-10 times due to the lack of downtime by predicting the performance of equipment and timely replacement of components

Project' status
semi-industrial samples are manufactured, the system is tested in large industrial companies on metalworking machines
business expansion: patenting, migration of system for energy and transport industries