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3D Farm
a group of 3D robotic printing farms (companies whithout staff), located in big and medium cities and united by a single app to receive and distribute orders
Today, small and medium-sized businesses are not able to order a plastic things in small volumes. All orders go through injection molding in large productions, it is expensive and the minimum order is from 100 thousand pieces. In opposite, modern 3D printers are not able to produce large volumes of parts, because it takes a lot of time (each part must be processed separately and manually prepare the table for each subsequent part).
Innovative 3D farm is able to print high-quality products in small batches, quickly and without operator intervention. With the possibility of remote control and placing orders through the online platform. Such farms are distributed around the world and combined into a single network, which allows to meet the mass demand.
Design and prototyping studios
Design and prototyping studios any of the areas that use plastic models for breadboarding
Promo souvenirs agencies
Companies which serve business and offer for sale plastic promotional products and souvenirs
Equipment manufacturers
Small-scale equipment manufacturers who need small batches of plastic parts
Tech production
Science-intensive and technical organizations that use plastic cases in the creation of their devices and robots
3D Farm speed
about 150 pieces per 15 minuts
3D Farm tech-parameters
  • open source
  • online ordering
  • online managing
  • does not need adjustment
3D Farm features
  • patented replacement table (on the picture), that allows to exclude a human from printing process
  • patented system, that also allows to exclude a human from filament changing process
  • nozzle with a hot-swap function
  • top-quality
  • fast and cheap printing
  • small quantities printing
Project' status
replacement table and nozzle with a hot-swap function are developed and patented
the working sample are producted
development of an automated farm complex and a software platform for managing and receiving orders, production of a pilot 3D farm
launch of small-scale serial 3D farm production
expansion of the international network of 3D farms