Let in
application for renting and letting housing and commercial premises, which includes all stages of the lease and use
Management companies, apartment owners are forced to organize regular displays of premises and short-term lease to provide access each time new tenants, as well as access to employees of cleaning and repair companies. It is also necessary to track the payment of utility bills, taxes, fees. All these actions require time and human resources.
Mobile application combined with electronic locks with the possibility of remote access control, as well as with the system for making the necessary payments. The system allows you to carry out all the necessary actions related to renting in one service, interacting with tenants, sites aggregators, utilities and municipal services, banks and insurance companies.
Tenants in need of a full range of services in one app
Property owners and management companies
Owners of premises and apartments for rent, as well as management companies
Cleaning and maintenance services
–°leaning, construction, maintenance and other service companies providing services for premises in the lease
Finance and legal services
Banks, insurance companies, lawyers and payment systems through which utility, insurance and tax payments are made
Let in features
  • own electronic locks
  • distance access control
  • video control system
  • personal account with payment system
  • tenant ratings
  • automatic declarations filling and bills payment
  • legal service
Let in possibilityies
  • possibility of integration with existing electronic access systems
  • possibility of registration and automatic renewal of insurance
  • possibility to block access in case of non-payment
Project' status
MVP development in progress
testing, sales launch
the yield on the return on investment, expansion of services and partner network