Papa's School
online project for men who became or to prepare to become a fathers which educates them how to be a fathers
Currently, there are many programs, courses and schools to prepare mothers for motherhood. However, the Popes in this regard is not given due attention. Fathers are often not ready for children, they do not understand their role in the family, do not know how to care for and raise children. Mothers are forced to manage the family alone, there is a misunderstanding and tension in relationships, conflicts.
Educational online platform and offline courses for Fathers, giving them knowledge on parenting and care of children from birth to adulthood, as well as training fathers to interact with their children's Mothers, starting from the period of pregnancy, to find a common language and support them.
Future and present Fathers
Men who are planning, expecting or already having children
Future and present Mothers
Married women who are planning, expecting or already have children
Social services and specialists
Public social services, educational organizations and private professionals in the field of child rearing and care
Pre-schools and schools
Schools, nurseries, kindergartens
Papa's School features
  • single online platform
  • different training programs
  • group and individual training formats
  • child care programs
  • child safe programs
  • training and games with children
  • training family relationships
  • psychological counseling
Papa's School expansion
  • possibility of expansion to offline: franchise network with offline courses, meetings, games, clubs and competitions
Project' status
MVP development in progress
testing, sales launch