mobile app for businessmen one-day travelers who want to fresh themselves after trip in shower or to fresh in pool if it's hot
Business people and travelers, especially in countries with a hot climate, are often faced with the need to take a shower and freshen up before a business meeting, or just recharge and freshen up during the day, usually this is not possible, in offices don't always have a shower, far from home, a hotel room is not ready or has not been booked as a day trip.
A mobile application that allows you to find, book and pay for the opportunity to take a shower or a one-time visit to the pool in the nearest hostel, apart-hotel, fitness center, spa or other similar place.
Tourists and travelers
One-day travelers arriving in the city without a hotel reservation or tourists going far away from the booked hotel
Business people
Businessmen or business travelers, active during the working day
Hostels and hotels
Hotels, hostels, apart-hotels providing shower or pool services
Fitness centers and spa
Sports centers, fitness clubs, spas, providing the opportunity to take a shower or a one-time visit to the pool
Fresh Me features
  • search shower or pool by location
  • by cost
  • by additional service options
  • booking system
  • payment system
Project' status
MVP development in progress
testing, sales launch