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Food Additive
Biodegradable microcapsules for use in the food industry, to preserve the basic properties of active substances
Volcano Technology
Innovative professional cooking equipment that reduces CO2 carbon footprint, saves electricity, and improves the quality of people's lives
Seaweed Encapsulation
Production of nutraceuticals based on certain types of algae followed by microencapsulation of the active substance
Food Guard
Technology for protection against rotting and increasing the shelf life of agricultural products based on non-contact treatment with natural essential compounds
Mobile application that helps you to study foreign languages in a different, more effective way
Mobile application that helps you to interact with your partner more effectively
Papa's School
Online platform for men who became or to prepare to become a fathers which educates them how to be a dad
Happy and healthy sleep for kids by subscription with a unique smart and interactive sleeping set
Eco service for households by subscription that supplies cleaning products in reusable packaging
Mobile application that can make an individual selection of vitamins for each person by analyzing his goals and body condition
Industrial Drones
A company that develops serial and customized solutions for the robotization of production processes in small and medium-sized businesses
Electric motors
The company develops a line of modern electric motors for private and commercial small vessels
Polymer filament for the manufacture of high strength elements that can withstand temperatures up to 300 C°
A mobile application that helps in caring for elderly relatives
Mobile application that can make an individual selection of anti-age cosmetics for each person
My wholesale network
Online service platform that allows small business to make wholesales purchases with the same benefits as a large business
Mobile application that helps to solve individual or couple's sexual problems
Mobile application that helps you to avoid everyday pain in your body
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